NUTRACARE INTERNATIONAL is supplier of Food/Dietary Supplement, Entric Coating, Amino Acids, Feed product, Selenium & Iodine derivates to Pharmaceutical, Beverages, API & Food/Feed industry at Competitive Price, Dependable Quantity, Assured Quality & Technical Support. As a result of our experience in the industry together with extensive research & development, We are able to offer a Comprehensive & Innovative range of high quality products which meets the daily needs of Industry.

We recognize that the world has become a “Smaller” place with more complex demands however, we remain committed to ensuring that our customers can compete both in terms with consistent high quality & effective price. Our customers worldwide get real value for money from the use of our products.

We have achieved our vision of becoming a global supplier to the industry not only through product innovation, but also through our flexible approach towards the requirements of our customers. “Flexibility and Service” are two important elements of our company’s philosophy & both will remain the key to our future success in this increasing competitive world.

We recognize our customers demand for high performance products & the policy of using only the finest raw material available & backing the products up with excellent technical service allows us with to meet the challenges of today & the future.


Nutracare International is fully focused on R&D as a means to offer quality products at competitive price & also for development of new products. We undertake innovation of new products as per customer’s requirements The production technologies of all existing products have been developed in-house & the R&D efforts are aimed at developing highly efficient & cost-effective technologies & manufacturing processes. Our R&D efforts are well supported by a full-fledged library & information management services.

The company started and still continue its business as merchant exporter and in the year 2008 we started our first manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India.

Nutracare has fully equipped in-house labs with all the latest lab equipments to check the quality of raw material, semi-finished products and finished products, following good laboratory practices by qualified and approved chemists. Most of our testing is done in-house. The Quality Assurance Department ensures that the manufacturing facilities and procedures are standardized to provide international quality attributes to the products consistently for each batch through a well-documented, validated and audited system.